P6 Farms

Logo 1: "Fun on the farm"

Two versions of the same concept, choose between the two options in this design series. 

A whimsical take for a family friendly farm. Blackberries and Corn are the primary icons, with a fun font that can carry over into merchandising, i.e. "Farm Girl" T Shirt. Color palette is contemporary and fresh, can be used on signage, stickers, stamps and more!

Color Palette: Blackberry | Vintage Green |  Butter Yellow

Logo Concept 2: "Modern Rustic"

Rustic yet sophisticated this theme highlights all that is plentiful on the farm. Using muted tones this series highlights a vintage theme, with Serif font accents adding a touch of traditional sophistication.

Color Palette: Vintage Strawberry | Muted Green |  Butter Yellow | Squash Orange